If I do nothing else
I will have changed the
world for women, had
some fun and shaken
things up a bit."

and if I don’t, who will?

My latest thoughts

Action Now!

#Long Covid: Time for Action, published by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, 29 October 2020 Blog post written with Dr Will Nutland, Clare Shakya Every day our phones ping with the same message: “Testing alone can’t get us through the second wave.” Dutifully, we log in to the ZOE Covid-19 Symptom Study app, […]

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My latest actions

C-19 Activism

Living the Long Haul I’m told I’m a Renaissance Woman. My long history working in AIDS – and especially the inspiration of many dear friends and comrades living with HIV – has encouraged me to stand up and speak out about my realities and frustrations of daily life with Long Covid, sharing some snippets from […]

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My hope

For all people everywhere to have the power and opportunity to live their lives joyfully, in dignity and with their rights respected - choosing for themselves who they love and what they do with their bodies, their lives, their futures. Without Question.