If I do nothing else
I will have changed the
world for women, had
some fun and shaken
things up a bit."

and if I don’t, who will?

My latest thoughts

Looking Back at our Histories to Move Forward

At the 15th AIDS Impact conference, held in Stockholm 12-14 June, I had the honour of giving the closing plenary. The YouTube link to the talk is here [my plenary begins around 30:24 – there’s a lovely prize giving before]. The Plenary was an opportunity to give thanks for the remarkable researchers, organisers and activists […]

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My latest actions

Long COVID Activism

Living the Long Haul I’m told I’m a Renaissance Woman. My long history working in AIDS – and especially the inspiration of many dear friends and comrades living with HIV – has encouraged me to stand up and speak out about my realities and frustrations of daily life with Long Covid, sharing some snippets from […]

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My hope

For all people everywhere to have the power and opportunity to live their lives joyfully, in dignity and with their rights respected - choosing for themselves who they love and what they do with their bodies, their lives, their futures. Without Question.