If I do nothing else
I will have changed the
world for women, had
some fun and shaken
things up a bit."

and if I don’t, who will?

My latest thoughts

Looking Back at our Histories to Move Forward

At the 15th AIDS Impact conference, held in Stockholm 12-14 June, I had the honour of giving the closing plenary. The YouTube link to the talk is here [my plenary begins around 30:24 – there’s a lovely prize giving before]. The Plenary was an opportunity to give thanks for the remarkable researchers, organisers and activists […]

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My latest actions

8G consultancy

8G Ltd is a woman owned and led boutique global consultancy company, with offices in the UK and South Africa, that brings together highly qualified experts from all regions to provide technical support and consultancy services on HIV, Gender Equality, Human Rights and Global Health. 8G specialises in delivering high quality services from experts with […]

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My hope

For all people everywhere to have the power and opportunity to live their lives joyfully, in dignity and with their rights respected - choosing for themselves who they love and what they do with their bodies, their lives, their futures. Without Question.