THT: the early days

Terrence Higgins Trust: the early days

With Keith Alcorn and other early AIDS activists at the 1992 International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam – a founding moment for women’s response to AIDS

I joined THT in 1986 as a volunteer. I went on to be the youngest ever member of their Board of Directors (from 1989) and to enjoy time working for THT at the European Commission (1990-1992) and as Director of Health Promotion. I was privileged to be part of THT in its formative years and my decades associated with the organisation played a central part in forming my work in the AIDS crisis, including creating the space to co-found the European AIDS Treatment Group and to develop the thinking and analysis underpinning my first book.

With Matthias Wienold, Medical Director of Deutsche AIDS Hilfe and co-founder of the European AIDS Treatment Group, at the Berlin International AIDS Conference in 1993