8G consultancy

8G Ltd is a woman owned and led boutique global consultancy company, with offices in the UK and South Africa, that brings together highly qualified experts from all regions to provide technical support and consultancy services on HIV, Gender Equality, Human Rights and Global Health. 8G specialises in delivering high quality services from experts with lived experience of HIV, human rights challenges, from key populations and based in the countries most affected by HIV.

With an extensive network of diverse experts, 8G has the capacity to source outstanding professionals and bring together high quality teams at short notice, most of whom are from the communities and countries most affected.

8G embodies the spirit of feminist and transformative leadership, supporting individuals with lived experience to contribute to delivering exceptional results for clients, ensuring stronger local and global responses, and building the skills of our teams.

8G Ltd has a leading strength in gender transformative responses to HIV, Rights and Equity. Currently we are working with a broad range of talented senior consultants from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, as well as global consultants. Currently these include; Anna Kirey, Jeff Hoover, Mamello Makhele, Maurine Murenga, Maria Stacey, Marie de Cenival, Marie Josée Mbuzenakamwe, Nonna Turusbekova, Olayide Akanni, Sophie Dilmitis, Sonal Mehta, Sally Shackleton and Talent Jumo, as well as Robin Gorna, Director of 8G, and Erika Castellanos, whose consultancy work leverages GATE, Global Action for Trans Equality, where she serves as Executive Director.